Our story

The story of mist & sea is not one of overnight success, or the easy road to becoming an entrepreneur, soul enlightenment, etc. Yes, what we do is absolutely meaningful and valuable, but we're going on three years now and we're still learning Every. Single. Day.

My story is about a woman who was tired of living the 9-5 life of supervisors and office work, and decided to put back her life in her own hands.

Can you believe I started mist & sea while working full-time in a psychology research lab? There came a time when I was gravely unhappy with my job when I asked myself, how can I live meaningfully? 

Specifically, how can I live more meaningfully for myself, and help others reflect on ways they can live with intention and purpose too!

I believe that we find spirituality and purpose in nature. There is something spiritual in the mysterious essence that exists in nature and in us. Isn't it amazing that among the stars, earth, flowers, and plants that surround us, we are a form of nature that can reflect back at itself?

Reflecting a life of purpose and joy, and expanding this to others is where mist & sea began. I have a calling to remain connected to nature and all its mystery and beauty, so naturally I want to share this with everyone I possibly can!

At the core, having this business is healing to me, and to you too.

It's awesome that being a business owner means I'm my own boss. Really, it's amazing. What's equally amazing is that in my own healing, in taking care of my mind and body by choosing to live the life that works for me, I also get to help other's heal through reconnecting to the magic of nature. Plant care = Self care.

Respecting and connecting to Mother Nature is at the core of these air plant creations.

I nearly threw away the idea of selling an actual product because I had in it my head that it was too detrimental to the environment. I loved the idea of selling something that I created, especially when the things are nature's art! But I just couldn't get past the idea that creating more "stuff" in the world is damaging to the environment. That's why I pivoted, and found packing materials that are made completely recycled materials. In fact, here's what we got:

-Paper tape made of 100% recycled content

-Recycled shipping boxes

-Recycled inner stuffing

-Recycled paper and card materials

While we are consumers as living beings on this planet, I am eternally gratefully that our customers value our goal to be super sustainable. We're really proud of that. 

We are here to support your journey to heal and go deep into your inner world.

Whether it's your intuition, how you love, finding inner piece, finding joy, we are here 100% to support that with our meaning-full pieces of nature's art. Every piece comes with inspirational words that serve as the meaning behind the piece. We hope that you will think of them when you water your plant or hold your crystal. 

And most of all, we really hope that your piece brings you joy and inspires you.

Much love,

Kara, owner of mist & sea